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Garrett Hedlund Icons

Garrett Hedlund is Love

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This is a group for all of Garrett Hedlund's fans who devote time into, talent and effort into not only making beautiful icons but also, signatures, wallpapers, GIFs and many other goodies like pictures from movies and magazine shoots.

If you find any interesting articles or facts about Garrett feel free to post them up too!

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1.)Garrett Love Only. This is a drama free zone. If you are not a fan of Garrett Hedlund, we would appreciate it if you would post in another community.

2.)NO direct linking please! *puppy face* cause it eats up our bandwith :( Right- click 'save as' and upload to your own site. Photobucket is fantastic.

3.)If you take any graphic, please credit the maker.

4.)If you would like to request an icon you can do so by creating a new entry with the subject title reading 'Icon Request'. If you want a specific member to make your icon, please be sure to mention that in your post. Please keep in mind that making graphics takes time and patience. We will try our best to fulfill your requests as soon as possible.

5.)All graphics must be posted under a lj cut, if hi-res images are included, please state that, have mercy on the folks with dial-up.

6.) Remember this a community for ALL of Garrett Hedlund's fans. You don't have to be veteran to be able to post your work on this community, we welcome everyone to share their craft to the world.

7.) NO PROMOTING. This means you can't make posts promoting or about your site or anyone else's. Remember this is a community where you can post your icons/graphics/pictures of Garrett only, not a bulletin board for promotions. If you decide to promote a site your post will be deleted immediately.

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On behalf of ghedlund_icons carol_186 and staroftheplanet would like to recognize the following people and websites. We appreciate the brushes, textures, pictures and other resources that have gone into creating our icons.
Thank you.

linzee_weird hexicons neke 77words hermyonegranger ohfreckle inxsomniax brokenmaskicons ewanism miinc39 passionemerged xbluestarx washed_away_art dearest cherry_sin zemie sibelle_art

hires_hunks garretthedlund garrett_daily

Being Garrett Hedlund
Garrett Hedlund Daily
Garrett Hedlund Fansite
Official Eragon Movie Website

staroftheplanetPersonal Resource Post

* If you see any of your work here and it is not credited, please contact one of the administratos and we will credit you ASAP*

And finally to Garrett Hedlund, thanks for being such a fantastic muse. We love ya!

Community banner and all graphics on this profile made by carol_186

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